New Fiction: “Snow Angel”

A euphiction written December 2010, this was intended for the Cover Stories website but was replaced by a another piece.  Not a final draft, so reader beware. “SNOW ANGEL” by N. Pendleton Inspired by the song by Jamie Barnes Snow Angel arrives on December 22, later than she has in years past.  But this time … Continue reading

New Fiction For Autumn: “SUMMER: 2”

A euphiction, inspired by Vivaldi’s Four Seasons – Summer View the pdf of “SUMMER: 2,” by N. Pendleton

The COVER STORIES Euphictions – Free Fiction

Linernotes: AND SO I FOUND MYSELF, in the early 21st Century, perfectly out of touch with most everything musical.  I realized I’d become that guy who lives in his back catalog, playing the same old songs from the same worn, scratched CDs and not know if they even still made music for him in the … Continue reading

MuseionArt Annual #1 (And Only) – Free Fiction

1 novella, 14 stories, 2 drawings, a couple of fragments… Originally compiled for the Museion Art website as a proposed first in a series, this book enjoyed a brief stint in print journal format.  Some of these stories have appeared around the Internet and in audio format as part of Volumes 1 and 2 of … Continue reading

Listen To My Production Of The Story…

…“We’ll Gather at the River” from MuseionCast Volume 3 Episode 5, and tell me you don’t want to read Christian A. Dumais‘ book of stories, Empty Rooms Lonely Countries. Go on, tell me.

I Know It’s Not A Gift Card, But Here’s That Holiday Podcast I Was Promising You…

FIVE CHRISTMAS EUPHICTIONS by the Cover Writers FICTION: “Home For X-mas,” by SUZI M “Traditions of Christmas, ” by A.C. NOIA “A Merry Little Christmas,” by DEREK HANDLEY “Silver Bells,” by ERIK SCHMIDT “What Child Is This?” by N. PENDLETON MUSIC: “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town,” by ELECTRIC BIRD NOISE “Away From the Manger,” … Continue reading

Five Days Of Euphiction: DAY 5

It’s been a great week of new euphictions at the blog.  My story wraps things up. FIVE DAYS OF EUPHICTION, DAY 5: N. Pendleton’s “What Child Is This?” From THE PLOT TO KILL OUR EMPEROR. The journey has been long, filled with equal parts peril and boredom. I am exhausted, unbathed and unkempt, famished … Continue reading

Five Days Of Euphiction: DAY 4

Already?  DAY 4?  Time flies, but it is true.  Check out for today’s featured tale. FIVE DAYS OF EUPHICTION, DAY 4: ERIK SCHMIDT’S “SILVER BELLS” An icy wind blew across Santa Claus Lane. Frack shuddered violently. He loathed the cold, yet here he was. Standing outside. In an alley. At night. In December. “You … Continue reading

Five Days Of Euphiction: DAY 3

The third story at the blog is a touching piece by the site’s chief editor.  Check it out. FIVE DAYS OF EUPHICTION, DAY 3: Derek Handley’s “A Merry Little Christmas” Should I put a candle on the table? We nearly always had a candle, more than one if Danny could get away with it. … Continue reading

Five Days Of Euphiction: DAY 2

At, the second story of our Christmas euphiction extravaganza. FIVE DAYS OF EUPHICTION, DAY 2: A. C. NOIA’S “TRADITIONS OF CHRISTMAS” “Snow blew in as the small creature stepped inside. He was forced to push with all the strength in his diminutive frame against the gusting wind to close the heavy wooden door. He shook … Continue reading

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