Great COVER STORIES Review By J. Madia

Read it at his book review site, NEW MYSTICS REVIEWS. And consider purchasing a copy for the holiday season. Makes a great gift for lovers of short fiction. Advertisements

MCast Halloween Extra 2: Not On The Feed, Blog-Only Exclusive

Even though this stuff is free, I don’t feel right plugging up the RSS feed with reruns, so we’ll just consider this blog post the MuseionCast Halloween Extra Part 2 and leave it at that.  Many of you have probably already heard the following stories, but I present them here for those who haven’t feel … Continue reading

MuseionCast Gets Wikipedia Mention

Learn more about euphiction and how it relates to the forthcoming book COVER STORIES and an episode of MuseionCast. Also, a great mention by friend and editor Joseph Madia, Jr. on otoliths about his experience editing my contributions for the book (available June 21, World Music Day).

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