New Fiction For Autumn: “SUMMER: 2”

A euphiction, inspired by Vivaldi’s Four Seasons – Summer View the pdf of “SUMMER: 2,” by N. Pendleton Advertisements

“…Yet All Of This Was Only The Prologue Of The Actual Dunwich Horror…”

“Ygnaiih…ygnaiih…thflthkh’ngha…Yog-Sothoth…” rang the hideous croaking of out space. “Y’bthnk…h’ehye – n’grkdl’lh.”   –from “The Dunwich Horror,” by H.P. Lovecraft

And When I Start Drawing HPL’s Monsters, I Find It Hard To Stop…

“… The object was nauseous; a filthy whitish gorilla thing with sharp yellow fangs and matted fur. It was the ultimate product of mammalian degeneration; the frightful outcome of isolated spawning, multiplication, and cannibal nutrition above and below the ground; the embodiment of all the snarling chaos and grinning fear that lurk behind life…”                                       … Continue reading

I Repanel Fletcher Hanks

Anthony Vukojevich of REPANELED has been kind enough to post my rendition of a 1940 Fletcher Hanks comic book panel from the story “Buzz Crandall of the Space Patrol.” You can see the original panel side-by-side with my version on over there. Thanks, np

My Swamp Thing Cover Makes the Covered Blog

Thanks to Robert Goodin for running such a cool blog – artists cover other artists’ comic book covers! – and for posting my illustration during his Halloween week of horror covers. This issue of Swamp Thing from 1982 is special to me, as it was the first issue of the comic I purchased myself, right off … Continue reading

The Old Web Strip: MONUMENTAL

Go read these old-timey episodes from my web stripping days at…

Yes, I Draw.

The thumbnail for my first of (hopefully) six covers for the Robert E. Howard United Press Association is now up at their website.  Top right corner, under CURRENT MAILING.  Full sized covers are for members only (sorry).

Drawing Inspiration for the Life’s Work:

To look at this site, you wouldn’t know I’m much of a visual artist.  I don’t have a gallery of drawings or paintings, or even thumbnails or links.  I’ve drawn since childhood, mostly for free, but also as a part time living for a few years.  While I can’t boast whole portfolios of finished, vibrant … Continue reading

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