“Just Because Its Nature Is Different, You Haven’t Any Right To Say It’s Necessarily Evil.”

It was face up there on the plain, greasy planks of the table… Three mad, hate-filled eyes blazed up with a living fire, bright as fresh-spilled blood. from a face ringed with a writhing, loathsome nest of worms, blue, mobile worms that crawled where hair should grow… –from Who Goes There?, by John W. Campbell … Continue reading

“…Yet All Of This Was Only The Prologue Of The Actual Dunwich Horror…”

“Ygnaiih…ygnaiih…thflthkh’ngha…Yog-Sothoth…” rang the hideous croaking of out space. “Y’bthnk…h’ehye – n’grkdl’lh.”   –from “The Dunwich Horror,” by H.P. Lovecraft

If You Draw, And If You Like Horror, You Will Eventually Draw Cthulhu…

My Swamp Thing Cover Makes the Covered Blog

Thanks to Robert Goodin for running such a cool blog – artists cover other artists’ comic book covers! – and for posting my illustration during his Halloween week of horror covers. This issue of Swamp Thing from 1982 is special to me, as it was the first issue of the comic I purchased myself, right off … Continue reading


A very special Halloween episode of the MUSEIONCAST is here as October, 2010 draws to a close. Please check out the next episode, as it will be the FINAL EPISODE OF VOLUME 3! #### SHOW NOTES: Produced and recorded by N. Pendleton. Opening: “Noise Drug,” by NickRomatic Labs MUSIC:  “Heute Mplon,” by Thiaz Itch DISPATCH … Continue reading

MCast Halloween Extra 2: Not On The Feed, Blog-Only Exclusive

Even though this stuff is free, I don’t feel right plugging up the RSS feed with reruns, so we’ll just consider this blog post the MuseionCast Halloween Extra Part 2 and leave it at that.  Many of you have probably already heard the following stories, but I present them here for those who haven’t feel … Continue reading


MUSEIONCAST Volume 3, Episode 5: “ACCEPTING THE MYSTERIES,” is not the first N. Pendleton/Christian A. Dumais collaboration. Listen now to the first one, a variant version of a story that appears in his book EMPTY ROOMS LONELY COUNTRIES.

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