“…Yet All Of This Was Only The Prologue Of The Actual Dunwich Horror…”

“Ygnaiih…ygnaiih…thflthkh’ngha…Yog-Sothoth…” rang the hideous croaking of out space. “Y’bthnk…h’ehye – n’grkdl’lh.”   –from “The Dunwich Horror,” by H.P. Lovecraft Advertisements

MuseionArt Annual #1 (And Only) – Free Fiction

1 novella, 14 stories, 2 drawings, a couple of fragments… Originally compiled for the Museion Art website as a proposed first in a series, this book enjoyed a brief stint in print journal format.¬† Some of these stories have appeared around the Internet and in audio format as part of Volumes 1 and 2 of … Continue reading

My Swamp Thing Cover Makes the Covered Blog

Thanks to Robert Goodin for running such a cool blog – artists cover other artists’ comic book covers! – and for posting my¬†illustration during his Halloween week of horror covers. This issue of Swamp Thing from 1982 is special to me, as it was the first issue of the comic I purchased myself, right off … Continue reading

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