MuseionArt Annual #1 (And Only) – Free Fiction

1 novella, 14 stories, 2 drawings, a couple of fragments… Originally compiled for the Museion Art website as a proposed first in a series, this book enjoyed a brief stint in print journal format.  Some of these stories have appeared around the Internet and in audio format as part of Volumes 1 and 2 of … Continue reading

Listen To My Production Of The Story…

…“We’ll Gather at the River” from MuseionCast Volume 3 Episode 5, and tell me you don’t want to read Christian A. Dumais‘ book of stories, Empty Rooms Lonely Countries. Go on, tell me.

MuseionCast Volume 3 Finale On The Horizon

If you’ve enjoyed the FIVE DAYS OF EUPHICTION going on at the blog, then stay tuned for the upcoming finale to the MuseionCast podcast, featuring some not-so-traditional renditions of Holiday musical favorites and the five fictions written by Suzi M, A.C. Noia, Derek Handley, Erik Schmidt, and yours truly. Released date coming soon, but the best … Continue reading

MCast V3 Ep6 Now Live at Red House Art Radio

Now you can stream or download the latest episode at


A very special Halloween episode of the MUSEIONCAST is here as October, 2010 draws to a close. Please check out the next episode, as it will be the FINAL EPISODE OF VOLUME 3! #### SHOW NOTES: Produced and recorded by N. Pendleton. Opening: “Noise Drug,” by NickRomatic Labs MUSIC:  “Heute Mplon,” by Thiaz Itch DISPATCH … Continue reading

MCAST V3 Episode 5, “ACCEPTING THE MYSTERIES” with guest author Christian A. Dumais

Because our guest author is living seven hours into my future, I’m happy to present… MUSEIONCAST VOLUME 3 EPISODE 5 “ACCEPTING THE MYSTERIES” written by Christian A. Dumais #### SHOW NOTES: Fiction: “The Locked Room” and “We’ll Gather at the River” by Christian A. Dumais Music: “PUREX Connections” by Johnathan Ewald as litmus0001 “Enchante,” “When … Continue reading

You Wanted Art Noise Fiction? Here You Go.

MUSEIONCAST VOLUME3 EXTRA: “BIG BOY a spontaneous fiction“ SHOW NOTES: MUSEIONCAST VOLUME 3 EXTRA: “BIG BOY: a spontaneous fiction” written and produced by N. Pendleton, Copyright 2009 ### The creation of a new mythology.  A bastardized adventure story.  A family epic in noise.  Each episode written just before recording, read as-is and unedited.  An experiment … Continue reading

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