Celebrate World Music Day by Reading a Book – the World’s First Euphictional Anthology Cover Stories out on 21 June.

Euphiction is a literary cover song. It is a three- minute single of fiction to be both read and cranked to 11.

Tampa, FL, (June 8, 2010) – The flash-fiction anthology Cover Stories (448 pp., tpb, ISBN 1452831541) will be released on June 21, 2010 to coincide with World Music Day. The stories are not about music, but inspired by it.

A year ago, writer Christian A. Dumais (Empty Rooms Lonely Countries, 2008) set in motion Cover Stories, a project where 10 writers from around the globe banded together to produce a collection of 100 stories that cut deep into the tracks of their favorite albums to produce euphiction, the duet of euphonious and fiction.

In the book’s foreword, Mike Dawson, creator of Freddie & Me (Bloomsbury USA, 2008), talks about euphiction: “My understanding of a song cover is one artist performing their own take on another artist’s work. . . but how do you cover a song in prose form, those letters sitting silently on the page? How exactly do you do that? How do you write the way music feels?”

Dumais says, “I believe the writers in Cover Stories addressed Dawson’s questions and delivered more than just a mix tape of divergent fictions. Inspired by the music of the Walkmen, Combichrist, By Hook or Crook, the Twilight Singers and more, these writers have become the scouts of a new literary invasion.”

And like any good mix tape, Cover Stories encompasses a wide range of territory, from horror to romance to comedy to the unexpected. This is a visual soundtrack that will stay in your head long after the book is closed. Readers can also read the liner notes following each set of stories, where the authors provide details regarding their musical muses.  The Cover Stories website ( will go live simultaneously with the book’s release and will include a “Top 10 Chart” of the most popular stories from the book. Visitors will be able to submit their own euphiction.

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