Great COVER STORIES Review By J. Madia

Read it at his book review site, NEW MYSTICS REVIEWS. And consider purchasing a copy for the holiday season. Makes a great gift for lovers of short fiction. Advertisements

COVER STORIES: Reasons to Love, Part 1

As someone who was a true believer in the COVER STORIES idea from the very beginning, I couldn’t wait to actually hold a copy of the book in my hands, settle into my chair, and immerse myself in the book.  During the year-long process of writing and compiling the book, I made a special effort … Continue reading

Hot Author on Author Action: CA.Dumais Interviews Adam P. Knave

As part of the rigors of book promotion, Mr. Adam P. Knave is officially hip-deep into his digital press junket for his latest novel, STAYS CRUNCHY IN MILK.  He’s in good hands in this interview conducted by author and lecturer Christian A. Dumais.  I’m glad to consider both men friends, even though they left me … Continue reading

From the N.Pendleton House of Ideas:


I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who have downloaded the MuseionCast episodes from either the Archives, from, or who have subscribed through iTunes.  It’s really great to see those numbers climbing as the launch of MuseionCast Volume 3 grows ever nearer. Please feel free to leave comments here, and … Continue reading

Literary Roundup: Books, Journals, Reviews…

Adam P. Knave’s latest novel, Stays Crunchy in Milk, has arrived today in my mailbox, and I couldn’t be more excited.  Charming artwork – outside and throughout! – and clocking in at just under 400 pages.  Nothing soggy here.  MuseionReview to come… MuseionArt Annual #1, the first of what I hope to be yearly MuseionArt literary journals, … Continue reading

My Goodreads review of Empty Rooms Lonely Countries

It says a lot about the sad state of the modern cult-of-personality publishing industry we’re faced with today when books like EMPTY ROOMS LONELY COUNTRIES aren’t being fought over by editors.  This book is full of true events told through fiction, it’s a novel told in short stories.  The protagonist Christian engages in a dreamlike but nonetheless … Continue reading

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