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Christian A. Dumais and I discuss MuseionCast Volume 3, Episode 3: “SIX EUPHICTIONS Featuring the Music of NEST” Download the episode here. Find the interview here. You may learn more than you’d like to know about my creative process. Thanks to Puff Chrissy for the stimulating conversation. Advertisements

You Wanted Art Noise Fiction? Here You Go.

MUSEIONCAST VOLUME3 EXTRA: “BIG BOY a spontaneous fiction“ SHOW NOTES: MUSEIONCAST VOLUME 3 EXTRA: “BIG BOY: a spontaneous fiction” written and produced by N. Pendleton, Copyright 2009 ### The creation of a new mythology.  A bastardized adventure story.  A family epic in noise.  Each episode written just before recording, read as-is and unedited.  An experiment … Continue reading


From Volume 2, performed live at MuseionHaus Theatre on New Year’s Day, 2009. “Peace, Love and the State of the Economy”  (18:29 minutes)

Living (and Loving) the Creative Life

Friday night at my home is Cultural Arts Night, where my wife, children and I must present or perform a work of art of our own creation and/or composition. This was my son’s brainchild, and has turned out to be a blast.  So far, I’ve been treated to illustrated stories such as, “Monkey Shower,” and “Pork the Pig” (who loves … Continue reading

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