From the N.Pendleton House of Ideas:


Favorite Object of the Moment:

Finnish M/61 military gas mask.  Keep Swine Flu at bay… the militia way!

The Sword&Sorcery/High Fantasy/Heavy Metal Connection

If you’re like me, you’ve often wondered where Heavy Metal’s love affair with all things dark and fanciful began.  Wonder no further, as scholar Morgan Holmes reveals a brief history of the phenomenon in “A Fine Line Between Clever and Stupid.” Also, don’t miss this further biographical and discographical information on the late great bluesman Mamajambo, also … Continue reading

N.Pendleton’s Mechanics of Poetics, Lesson #1:

Note to student:  N.Pendleton is a master claypot cooker and dog Furminator.  He occasionally scribbles silly drawings in sketchbooks and records short stories on podcasts so he can sit back and listen to them by himself.  He is not, to our knowledge, an expert in poetry. If you have terrible grammar and syntax, do not … Continue reading

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