Halloween Audio Treat: “GENEVA STREET” by Christian A. Dumais

Here is an older version of the story that appears in Christian’s collection Empty Rooms, Lonely Countries. Originally recorded for and by N. Pendleton for the MuseionCast Podcast in 2009.     Advertisements

MuseionCast Volume 3 Now Available At The Internet Archive

The final series of the fiction podcast is now available in its entirety at the INTERNET ARCHIVE.  Included are two bonus stories that didn’t make the show, as well as the first two parts of the spontaneous fiction experiment, “Big Boy.” I’ll be featuring some of these pieces alone here on the blog as time … Continue reading

Listen To My Production Of The Story…

…“We’ll Gather at the River” from MuseionCast Volume 3 Episode 5, and tell me you don’t want to read Christian A. Dumais‘ book of stories, Empty Rooms Lonely Countries. Go on, tell me.

MCast V3 Ep6 Now Live at Red House Art Radio

Now you can stream or download the latest episode at RedHouseArtRadio.org

MCast Halloween Extra 2: Not On The Feed, Blog-Only Exclusive

Even though this stuff is free, I don’t feel right plugging up the RSS feed with reruns, so we’ll just consider this blog post the MuseionCast Halloween Extra Part 2 and leave it at that.  Many of you have probably already heard the following stories, but I present them here for those who haven’t feel … Continue reading

The First of Three MCast Halloween Episodes Goes Live

MUSEIONCAST VOLUME 3 HALLOWEEN EXTRA Number 1:     I would be remiss if I was to let another Halloween go by without paying homage to one of our most popular weird authors.  I remedy this now. #### SHOW NOTES: STORY 1: Wax cylinder recording of “The Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His … Continue reading


MUSEIONCAST Volume 3, Episode 5: “ACCEPTING THE MYSTERIES,” is not the first N. Pendleton/Christian A. Dumais collaboration. Listen now to the first one, a variant version of a story that appears in his book EMPTY ROOMS LONELY COUNTRIES.

MCAST V3 Episode 5, “ACCEPTING THE MYSTERIES” with guest author Christian A. Dumais

Because our guest author is living seven hours into my future, I’m happy to present… MUSEIONCAST VOLUME 3 EPISODE 5 “ACCEPTING THE MYSTERIES” written by Christian A. Dumais #### SHOW NOTES: Fiction: “The Locked Room” and “We’ll Gather at the River” by Christian A. Dumais Music: “PUREX Connections” by Johnathan Ewald as litmus0001 “Enchante,” “When … Continue reading


MCAST V3, Episode 4: ” [[ SHAPE OF MAN RUNNING ]] “

The opening salvo from the NEW NOVEL of GUNS, GODS, SEX, DEATH and MEMORY Written and copyright 2010 Nicholas Pendleton, all rights reserved. Music by GeeNerve from the album Suspense Dance Delights and Other Joys. MUSEIONCAST is an audio function of MuseionArt.com and RedHouseArtRadio.org A second excerpt from the novel appears in the book COVER … Continue reading

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