COVER STORIES: Reasons to Love, Part 1

As someone who was a true believer in the COVER STORIES idea from the very beginning, I couldn’t wait to actually hold a copy of the book in my hands, settle into my chair, and immerse myself in the book.  During the year-long process of writing and compiling the book, I made a special effort not to read the stories of my co-writers (except in certain circumstances).  I wanted to be able to do exactly what I’m doing now, which is read this collection for the first time, the way anyone else who purchased a copy might.  See, I’m a fan of this book as much as a contributor…possibly more the former than the latter, since my contributions amount to only a small part of the whole.

In this series of posts, I’ll try to explain why I think this book is so amazing – but as a reader, not just as a shameless hustler and contributing writer.

Reason 1: Simon Neil

Though many of Simon’s stories take us to exotic locations (“Einstein Was Wrong,” “The Drums Call Me,” “A Present”), my favorites are his adventures into the quandaries of daily life.  He takes the banal, mundane moments of our existence and mines out the humor of a lunch break in the park (“Ghost Zulu”),  the existential angst of queuing at the market (“Sacrifice”), the paranoia of having your food the way you want it (“Black Magic Pickle”), and the frustration of finding your bearings in a new country (“How to Be Miserable”).

My favorite of his stories by far, though, is the beautiful twist on six degrees of separation that is “Dawn Again.”

From that story:

“Edith, the batty old woman upstairs, stared at the picture of a man in the newspaper.  He was a refugee and his sad mouth reminded her of someone, somewhere, sometime.  She sighed and drew out her photo album from the bottom of the sideboard.  I am at the door, knocking.

Knock.  Knock.

(To read the complete story, and all the others, go here)

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