You Wanted Art Noise Fiction? Here You Go.

MUSEIONCAST VOLUME3 EXTRA: “BIG BOY a spontaneous fiction


MUSEIONCAST VOLUME 3 EXTRA: “BIG BOY: a spontaneous fiction”

written and produced by N. Pendleton, Copyright 2009


The creation of a new mythology.  A bastardized adventure story.  A family epic in noise.  Each episode written just before recording, read as-is and unedited.  An experiment in audio storytelling and immersion into the subconscious.  Inspired by Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca’s travelogue ADVENTURES IN THE UNKNOWN INTERIOR OF AMERICA.


Rising from the sea, he walked to shore, to the woman there.

You’re not from here, She said to Him.

The place I’m from is ruined, He said, pointing out over the vast green sea.

The place I’m from is no longer there.

She looked at him long, silence was between them.

Open your robe for me, He said.

She opened her robe.  The world is inside me, She said.

He stepped into the opening in her robe.

He stood inside, spied the clutter.

There was dust, there was worn wood, there was rusted metal.

He rummaged around inside Her then, picked up trowels and broken axe handles and cans and bottles,

Lashed them together with thongs of leather and bungie cords and rubber straps.

He made himself a team, a clique, a small army, a brood of sons.

He took them out into the sea air, on the beach, outside of Her.

Look what I’ve made, He said.

Don’t take them away, She said.

He splashed kerosene inside of Her.

He lit a match and pitched it into Her open robe.

He set the inside of her afire.

He led his sons into the interior, through sawgrass, away from the sea,

Away from Her.

It’s not good to be alone, She said.

Smoke rose into the salt air.

Flames licked and tears fell.

This is how it began.



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