MCast V3, Episode 3: “SIX EUPHICTIONS featuring the music of NEST”


Show Notes:


MUSEIONCAST VOLUME 3, EPISODE 3: “Six Euphictions Featuring the Music of NEST”

MUSIC: by Otto Totland and Huw Roberts as NEST from the self-titled EP, used by permission and by Creative Commons License.

FICTION: by N. Pendleton.

MUSEIONCAST is an audio function of MUSEIONART.COM

To hear these songs unencumbered by my ragged vocal meanderings, you can purchase the new full-length album.

Music Copyright and property of Otto Totland and Huw Roberts.

Fictions are Copyright N. Pendleton 2009.

To read more euphiction, including ten written by me, purchase a copy of COVER STORIES: A Euphictional Anthology.

You can also download the sample pdf: COVER STORIES sampler

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  1. […] further with the third episode of his MuseionCast podcast series. Inspired by the music of Nest, “SIX EUPHICTIONS” is a 30 minute tour de force that brings together fiction and music in a way that feels both […]

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