MCast V3: A Textual Sneak Peek, Deux

Another short text excerpt from an upcoming MuseionCast Volume 3 episode…

In the midst of the terror and blackness and bedlam of that raging furious attack, I only had eyes for those green eyes.  It was as if Id just been putting in time until Roxxie found me and completed our pair.

I’m sure you’d never see her quite as I see her.  But I can describe what she looked like at the time.  The way she looked in my eyes.  Don’t worry; I’ll be brief.

Her hair was straight and sharply cut across her forehead into bangs and just below the ears.  The darker hairs could be seen playing in gentle rows on the back of her neck.  She called the style her “Cherry Bowl Cut,” but it always to me evoked the deep rust hues of cinnamon.  She stood about 5‘ 5”, round face, evocative eyes.  Her limbs were lean but shaped, and her torso was rounded in lovely ways and places.

The physical traits of My Roxxie soon became mere shorthands for the things that made me love her so quickly, so easily.  And so completely.

When I stood from our table for four, she spotted me.  She was standing on one of the tables in the center of Dee Mithri’s, the corpses of staff and patrons alike laying around her in a nest of bones and flesh.  I walked up to her, careful not to desecrated the newly-dead with my shoes and offered her my hand.  She smiled down at me.  Black turtleneck of cashmere.  Gray plaid skirt, mid-thigh.  Tall black patten leather boots.

I in my cheap, plain black suit and tie.  “I’m Malcolm Brand,” I said, and our hands touched.   “Do you need help down, …?”

“Roxxie.  Roxxie McLeigh.  And yes, I’d be glad for some help.”  And then she was down off the table and standing in front of me. Still holding my hand. I looked at her and just stood there with a smile.  When she smiled back is probably the moment she won me forever.

All text copyright 2009 N.Pendleton.  All rights reserved.


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