MCast V3: A Textual Sneak Peek


 Here’s just a tiny sliver of what’s coming in 2010 from MuseionCast Podcast, Volume 3…

…The troll had moved into their apartment building just under a year ago.  He was shunned by all tenents except the boy’s mother.  Rumors swirled that he’d been in jail for a long time.  The reasons for his incarceration changed depending on who was telling the story, but everyone was in agreement that at least one of his crimes had something to do with cannibalism.

A damp, dark storage room in the basement had been converted into a room that the troll rented as his home.  All shunned the creature but the boy’s mother.  At first, she’d only slip a paper plate of leftovers outside the creature’s apartment door, a gesture gauged to be out of some fashion of misplaced pity.  But soon this turned into full meals being made, just for the beast, and the boy’s mother would take them down and serve him in his room, where she would stay with the pariah for long hours.  During these times, the boy’s father would merely sit silently at the card table in their small eat-in kitchen,  watch the pendulum swing on the clock, and drink can after can of beer.  When the boy’s mother finally returned home, the father would get up from the table without a word and go to bed.

When the boy asked his mother, “What do you do all that time down there with that troll?” his mother would say in a sort of far-off voice, “We talk, mostly.”

Screwing his face in confusion, the boy asked, “What do you talk about?”

 “Oh, the world.  What it’s like to be part of this world.  To feel like you’re outside looking in…” and then she’d fade away from him and speak no more on the subject…

text copyright 2009 n.pendleton. all rights reserved

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