Tech Boom: How PC Will Defeat Mac

Microsoft announced today the invention of a device that will not only end the love affair with Macintosh computers, but will also elimiate those pesky memories of Vista, XP, and all previous Windows versions all together.

Tired of trying to keep up with machines that are fun to use and actually work, the software giant unveiled the Neuralizer.

“This is the answer to all our prayers,” said one MS executive of the mind-wiping device.  “Instead of spending all that time and money trying to create better products and services, we think the Neuralizer will be the quick and half-assed approach to the problem our corporate culture has always favored.”

Plans are to work with Walmart and the US government to implement the use of the Neuralizer device on all American computer consumers, the offices of Apple of California, and Steve Jobs.

When asked when we should expect  Neuralizer Solution to go into effect, an unnamed MS engineer said, “Though the device is technically available today, we have a few million lines of code to debug.  We hope to have the first slew of software and drive patches available online within the month.  That sets our timeframe for full implementation of the program for January…of 2021.”

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