It’s Sharing Time: Welcome to MuseionCorner

Wherein I present a snippet from a work-in-progress, a piece with the Roald Dahl-esque title of …

“Mousey Pappas and the Land Walrus”

Sometimes kids can be crueler than adults.  An angry adult might chase after you if you get on their yard, or holler at you for spilling your milk, or even swat your rear if you get into really big trouble.  But when a kid tells another kid he wants to kill him, the passion and potential is there for real.  Especially when one of those kids is Jonathan Keen, a boy known for hitting girls and killing neighborhood cats – and the other boy is Mickey Pappas, the smallest kid in the whole entire state. 

At 10 years old, Mickey was still only 2 ½ feet tall.  A primordial dwarf, most kids called him Squirt, Shrimp, or Mini-Me, while the girls like to call him Cabbage Patch Boy, because he looked like a walking, breathing, living doll.  But a select few kids – the cruelest ones, like Jonathan Keen – called him Mousey.  And because of his name – Mickey – and because his nose was pointy and long, and because he had no chin, and because he had a high, squeaky voice, and because his front two teeth stuck down gigantic from his top lip, he really did look like a perfect cross between a mouse and a little boy.

Jonathan Keen, the cat-killer and girl-puncher, did not like Mickey Pappas.  In fact, just that morning, Jonathan Keen had shoved lMousey into the gravel at the playground and told him in a level, hateful voice, “I’m going to kill you today, Mousey.”

 And Mousey Pappas had no reason not to believe what Jonathan Keen had said.


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