Living (and Loving) the Creative Life

Friday night at my home is Cultural Arts Night, where my wife, children and I must present or perform a work of art of our own creation and/or composition.

This was my son’s brainchild, and has turned out to be a blast.  So far, I’ve been treated to illustrated stories such as, “Monkey Shower,” and “Pork the Pig” (who loves bacon).  I’ve seen some hilarious stream-of-consciousness comics.  Tonight, I’m told to expect a musical composition to be played on my daughter’s keyboard.  My wife was composing haikus when last we spoke on the phone.

Just another night at the Penldeton house

Just another night at the Pendleton house

I for my part was stuck for this week.  The event has been closing in and I didn’t have anything to contribute.  I write all week long, but the stories I’ve been working on are definitely not kid-safe.  Last week, I played for them one of the audio dramas I’ve done voice acting for, so I couldn’t do that again.

The germ of a story has been sitting in my head for awhile now – really just two characters and a vague situation – so I decided during my break to noodle around with that.  By the time I was finished with said noodling, I had the rough draft to a story I’m very excited about – a story that will eventually be featured in the upcoming MuseionCast Volume 3.  And it came almost out of nowhere, born of both necessity and a desire to entertain my wife and kids.

It’s times like this that I truly love to create.  Thanks, family.

One Response to “Living (and Loving) the Creative Life”
  1. I love this stuff. I believe Mark Twain did the same kind of thing with his family, even having a stage built in the house for such events. Your children are going to thank you for this when they get older.

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